The Prosperity Team set to become the leading team in the Empower Network

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Join Team ProsperityDuring the Empower Network’s recently concluded event in Denver, CO, the Prosperity Team surely made its presence felt. One of the most actively engaged and sought-after teams inside the Empower Network, it successfully supports its members by providing an effective network marketing system.

How the Prosperity Team became the team to beat?

At its core, the team is a group of savvy, like-minded entrepreneurs who nurture its team members into making productive and prosperous lives for themselves and their families.
Having forty of Empower Network’s top 100 leaders available as resources sure didn’t hurt but what makes it the leading team is the sheer volume of network marketing resources it makes available to its members to ensure their success.

Ranging from training and encouragement through daily webinars, conference calls, a private audio library, “over-the-shoulder video training,” ready-made marketing materials, done-for-you traffic co-ops and to simply allowing team members to pick the brains and steal the ideas from real six-figure earners, its array of network marketing information and tips enables its members to learn, get on their feet and make money fast.

The team encourages members to have an “ALL-IN” mentality. This means that the team member is willing to give 100% of his energy in building a successful business. This mindset will enable the newbie network marketer to overcome initial difficulties, identify opportunities and start earning his rewards. Also, as the experience of various six-figure earners clearly demonstrate, the amount of effort put into the network business directly affects the returns in the form of commissions.

The Prosperity Team became the breeding ground of pioneering innovation.

Two of the team’s members took the stage during the Denver event to talk about a new system that will take Empower Network to new heights. Top online marketers Chris Jones and Chris Campbell were former business rivals who started working together in 2010. Their intent was to build a system for network marketing success by automating many of the time-consuming and frustrating tasks involved in the process. Their efforts resulted to the IPAS (Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems).

The IPAS is a premiere business success kit devised to attract and educate would-be internet marketers. Initially available exclusively to the Prosperity Team members, IPAS pioneers in the use of a personal business assistant, a knowledgeable executive who can take care of the follow ups and appointments-setting for the team member, answer questions from prospects and even close the sale.

The Empower Network makes online network marketing success possible.

The Empower Network hosts one of the largest blogging communities and publishing platforms online. It is a provider of educational training products and services geared to help the regular, non-technical entrepreneur to set up and earn from his own onlines business. It’s signature product is a viral blogging system designed to help its affiliates successfully create and grow their businesses online without having to deal with the difficulties in technology, marketing and overhead costs usually encountered by online entrepreneurs. Over 30 thousand individuals take part in Empower Network’s affiliate program, a program wherein entrepreneurs can earn commissions from the sales of Empower Network’s products.

Empower Network is also geared to launch an update to its viral blogging system in September 2013. Now dubbed as the Empower Network version 2.0 (ENV2), the system now boasts of enhanced features that enable network marketers to create and share engaging and business-building content on their blogs faster and easier.

Its new REBLOG feature allows a team member to view and repost any of Empower Network’s videos on his blog. He can also easily include his customized description. With this feature, the user no longer needs to be knowledgeable about web coding and embedding videos into blog posts to be able to share an Empower Network video to his blog visitors.

The Empower Network’s programmers also developed an advanced social network within the system: when interacting with other members through blog comments, the blogger can check out the commenters’ blogs, Empower Network profiles or Facebook pages. This allows members to get to know and engage with other members and obtain insights to successfully network within the system.

Lastly, the upgraded system also allows members to instantly create and publish their own video or audio content. By simply recording his voice or shooting a video with a smartphone, and then clicking PUBLISH, the user can immediately post the new audio or video content on his blog.

Team Prosperity

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