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Use The Attraction Marketing CycleFree Attraction Marketing System is the backbone of an affiliate marketing business. It is all about inspiring others to become entrepreneurs, on their own, by sharing with them your own success story in making money on the internet. It is influencing others to make the same steps as you did by introducing them to the products and services that put you where you are today.

There are several ways of earning money online. There are platforms where people sign up in hopes to be endorsed to an outsourcing employer. There are project based work such as web design, web content writing and others.

Free Attraction Marketing System allows a business to become one of the various money making options on the net. Working from home has become a valid choice to most individuals. Proof is the boost in numbers of home based workers over the past ten years. This steady growth actually makes a viable market niche for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is recruitment or referral in a sense. It is convincing other people without hard selling to sign up for a product or service, to try or buy.

In Internet marketing, you can be the web master, owner/designer of an affiliate marketing program, or a signed up member of a Free Attraction Marketing System that promotes services, and is paid a commission for every successful lead converted.
Characteristics of Free Attraction Marketing System

1.) It should cost your potential members nothing. There is no better way to attract and motivate future leads than to treat them to a great profit generating feast of possibilities without any strings attached. Aim for appeal. Create a video pitch that offers solution to current basic problems of the majority i.e. income generation. Construct a step by step procedure on how this concern can be arrested. Display empathy and credibility on your posts.

2.) No hard selling. Make your leads find you by utilizing search engine optimization tools that will make you available anywhere in the web. Credibility is a must.

3.) Tap social media to forge your statistics and performance history. Continuously build a name for yourself. Trust is an essential element in affiliate marketing. You cannot build your leads if your followers don’t trust in your capabilities. You cannot influence others if you are not credible.

Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network is a perfect example of a Free Attraction Marketing System. It uses an easy to follow 4 step procedures on how to start making money using the internet.

This system lets you be in the same space as that of the Fortune 500 companies from which the products and services that the affiliate members will promote, originate. Joining is absolutely free.

After signing up, you will be provided with your own capture page, back office profile in Instant Payday Network, training materials and tutorial videos for free. Just about everything you need to learn about starting and managing an online business will be taught to you. Cold calls or closing sales aren’t your concerns because Instant Payday Network has a turnkey marketing system that does that for the affiliates.

Fortune 500 companies, aside from using print ads and television advertisements, also capitalize on Free Attraction Marketing System in order to promote their products and services. In this case, they are directly connected to My Cash Freebies, parent company of Instant Payday Network.

In wanting to gain new customers, Fortune 500 companies want more and more people to try their products and services daily. This is where the affiliates come in. They are the ones that refer people to try the products and get referral commissions of $20 to $50 in return.

Instant Payday Network and the rest of its members act as outsourced promoters or advertisers of these Fortune 500 companies. It decreases miscellaneous expenses since internet marketers are not paid until a lead is converted.

Free Attraction Marketing System is not only the easiest way to build up business leads but also the least expensive. There is nothing simpler than making your company accessible in the web and just let your targeted market to find you and eventually be your customer.

But of course, just like in any other endeavor, diligence on top of hard work is necessary to gain big results.

Use The Free Attraction Marketing Method!

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