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Many of us have typed this in. Unfortunately there are so many scams and hackers out there, it almost boggles the mind. However, with some careful investigation and some due diligence you can completely avoid these loser criminals and find legitimate affiliate programs that are true businesses and are looking to make money by hiring you to promote their products in a proper manner. So your next question might be, well how do I know the scammers from the real companies? Well there are several ways to distinguish the real ones from the fake ones. First of all let me tell you right now, there is no program in the world that will pay $10,000 in 30 days for promoting their products, if they are telling you that, then run a mile immediately. I wish there was a legitimate get rich quick scheme online. We would all benefit. However the only way you will make money online is through hard work and knowledge.

Another way to tell if a company of program is real, is by typing their name with the word scam in quotation marks into your browser search box. Now two types of sites will come up next. The first type are people who are affiliates of the program using this as an eye catching tactic to get you to check out their site. This is a good tactic and theirs nothing wrong with it. What we are looking for is the second type of site. The type of site put up by people who have purchased, or joined a program and been completely ripped off. You can tell these types because they are not promoting the product in any way. They are simply trying to do the right thing and warn the public about a product, or program who are simply trying to steal your money. If there are a lot of these then stay away.

If you do not feel like doing this however, you can go to the number one source for accurate checks on affiliate programs as to whether or not they are legitimate businesses. I’m talking about Scam Busters. They actually have a scam checker function that will tell you right away if a website can be trusted. You can also join their mailing list for free and get constant updated as to the latest scams on the web. It is an excellent site that has been in business since 1998 and they have saved me a lot of hassle and heartache when it comes to joining an new affiliate program. So if your looking to join a real affiliate program that actually wants to hire you for legitimate work and pay you as well then check out Scam Busters and you will never have to type in make money online free no scams again.

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  1. saifulrony
    3 years ago

    Really a nice informal site for those who hates scam. Hope for the best of the site.

  2. Ozman
    3 years ago

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  3. Burton Haynes
    3 years ago

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  4. The Internet Girl
    3 years ago

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  5. LisaWiggins
    1 year ago

    I’m always looking for a legit high paying way to make money online, currently I’m making money just for watching unlimited videos – I actually make money all day long.

    There are very few legit sites out there but I managed to find a few.

  6. Nelson Roger RAZAFIMANDIMBY
    1 year ago


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