Inspired Living Application Review (Inspired Living App Review)

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Inspired Living Application Review

inspired living application reviewThe Inspired Living Application (iLA) is a new mobile application targeting individuals who are interested in making some extra income through the internet. This is made possible by the ability of this application to deliver professionally produced high quality, personal development video every week.

The iLA application developer John Marr, which is also the CEO of Savage Apps has extensive experience in professional video production that he introduces through this app thereby allowing the average person to cash in from the vibrant mobile application industry. Through this application, users receive practical information from professionals in various fields by covering topics like time management, goal setting, leadership development, personal development, financial management, business management and personal motivation.

Not only does this application deliver content to your mobile devise but also allows you access to the growing archive of videos. This rich library can be accessed at your convenience and has the provision of reviewing past videos as well as explore subjects of your interest.

The good thing about this application is that it can be enjoyed even by those who do not have a mobile device through the website as you reach for new levels of excellence. In fact, the iLA living app motivates, encourages as well as inspires users to excel in business, health, relationships and achieve their goals as well as enjoy success in life.

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Inspired Living Application Review Comp Plan

This Inspired living application review will be incomplete without covering the compensation plan that is the core of this program. It is important to understand that this application will generally enable you to prepare for retirement, pay off debts, travel, work from home, spend more time with family, be your own boss and work at your convenience.


The application is set to be launched in February hence this inspired living app review offers all the important information that you need to know before enrolling. Those pre-enrolling before February will not need to worry about sponsorships, as is usually the case with similar MLM/affiliate marketing programs. Unlike other programs, the program does not have any barrier to entry, no risks, and no requirements for recruiting and no catch in order to get paid.

No financial barrier…it’s only $9.95
per month!

You can get your iLA for Free!

Your Credit Card will not be charged
until February 1, 2013!

30 day money back guarantee

No Risk! No Catches, No Gimmicks,
No Hoops to Jump Through!

Great placement in a 3×7 forced matrix
(automatically builds from top to bottom,
left to right)!

Be part of a Worldwide Business!

The compensation program is a 3×7 forced matrix where there are not more than three direct distributors that are direct to the company or any ibo. Thus, anyone enrolling after these people will be forced under them. This is done automatically and you will be entitled to a share of their subscription. This goes seven levels deep and by choosing to personally sponsor 3, 6, or 10 people into your business, you have the ability to maximize the comp plan. (Make sure to watch the video above)

Inspired Living Application Review Options

Once iLA officially launches, there will be three different options that are available to everyone. The first is through free enrollment whose benefits include delivery of weekly video content. However, this excludes your access to the archives as well as the replicated site.

Secondly, there will be the retail customer option where you will pay $6.95 monthly  and the benefits here include delivery of weekly video content and access to the archives. Finally, there is the associate membership that requires the $9.95 monthly payment alongside benefits like access to archive, delivery of weekly video content, ability to earn from matrix as well as a personal website. Finally, the program offers a 30 day refund for associates as well as customers according to the terms and conditions.

Hopefully this short Inspired Living Application Review has provided some information to help you make an informed decision about iLA.

Take Massive Action and join the #1 team in iLA!

To Your Success,

Rob Sevilla – Internet Success Trainer - join for FREE till Feb 1st!


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