How to Make Money Online with Youtube Videos

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With so many ways both free and paid to make money online, one of my personal favorite is making youtube videos.

I know what your thinking, I’m not a good speaker and I’m scared to get in front of the camera.

All I can say is if you want to be financially free, then  you’ll do whatever it takes (legally) to achieve success.

Oh and if you have the money, you can actually hire someone on to make the video for you.

I personally recommend that you overcome your fear, and make the videos yourself as they will yield better results.

Ok you here to learn how to make money online with youtube videos.

Why are a few that I could list in this blog post, I’m going to personally give you some of my tops ways.

How to make money online with Youtube

Here are 3 ways to make money online with youtube videos.

1.  Google Adsense – If you don’t know by now, Google owns youtube.  So you can easily integrate and add google adsense to  your youtube videos.  Google adsense are the little ads that show up on videos, blogs, articles, or other sites.  Every time someone clicks on those ads, the owner of the adsense account earns a little money.  I have to be completely honest here and say that you can earn some real money with adsense, but it’s going to take you driving tons of traffic to your videos.

2. Promote your primary business – In my opinion, there is no better way to market your product online through the use of video marketing.  Why?  Potential prospects can see your face, or hear your voice and it allows you to build trust faster.  You can communicate your business opportunity message more effeciently than through a blog post like this one.  See an example below of one of my videos that I’ve uploaded to youtube about one of my business opportunities.


So you can see in the video above that there is nothing to it.  It’s just me simply being myself and sharing a little information on how to make money online for free.  You don’t have to be all professional, just be yourself.  People invest in other people, and let your audience know that just a real person who is going after your financial dreams just like they are.

3.  Make Videos about Your Blog Posts – If you have a blog just like this one, then make short videos on every blog post you write.  How can you make money by doing this?  Well there are several ways, but two quick ones are… adding adsense to every video you make, and putting a link back to the original blog post on your blog.  By doing this,  you’ll not only give your blog authority in the eyes of the search engines, but if you are promoting products on your blog… you’ll get potential buyers.  Make sense?

How to make money online with Youtube – SEO

What does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have to do with learning how to make money online with youtube?

Here’s the deal… Properly optimzing your videos is crucial to you getting top rankings in both youtube and google’s search engine.  I can’t stress this enough.

You must learn how the basics of Keyword Research in order to know what keywords give you the best chance of achieving high rankings.  Why is this important?

Because without high rankings, you’ll never get any traffic.  Without traffic, there isn’t any leads, and finally without leads, there can never be any sales.

See the pic below to see exactly what I’m talking about.

how to make money online with youtube

As you can see from the pic above, my keyword was “how to make money online with no startup cost,” and I was able to rank in the #3 position on youtube.  This was due to me properly optimizing my video.

How  much traffic do you think I’m getting from this alone… all for FREE?

By the way… Go google the long tailed keyword above, and see where I rank in google.

Another important part of the SEO process is learning how to optimize your video title, description, and tags.  Once again, if you take time to learn how to properly carry out SEO for your videos, then you’ll put yourself in a really good position to earn money online with youtube.

How to make money online with Youtube – DYI or Outsource?

The good news about learning how to make money online with youtube is that you have the choice to either invest in the training to do if yourself, or simply pay someone else to do it for you.

Either way will produce results.  The goal with videos to rank in the top 3 listing on both youtube and google.  This is where is the majority of traffic lies for your opportunity.

While this blog post was in no way intended to be a comprehensive training article on youtube videos, hopefully it provided value to you as the reader.

If you liked what you learned in this post and want to access more proven internet marketing strategies that will help you generate leads, and make money, then click on the image below.

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