How to get traffic to your blog for Free Guaranteed!

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Chances are if you are reading this blog post, then you are looking for FREE ways to generate more Traffic to your blog.

Aren’t we all!

I remember just 2 short years ago, I was barely getting 1000 hits a month, and last month I almost hit the 30k mark.

See the image below for proof…

how to get traffic to your blog

First let me say that blogging is a long term strategy, and you need to be committed to it.

If what I just said causes a problem, then you need to walk away from blogging right now.

To many newbies will create a blog, and do 1 or 2 posts and think that insane amounts of traffic will start flooding in.

Not so my friend!

Although there are systems, platforms, and various internet marketing techniques that you can use to get faster results in a shorter time span, there really isn’t any shortcuts per say.

With Google making changes in the algorithm all the time, it’s hard for anyone to take the easy way out using questionable online marketing methods.

How to get more Traffic to your blog is not easy task, but it can be a simple process if you’ll utilize the 3 tips below.


How to get Traffic to your Blog – 3 Tips

  1. Write Rich & Lengthy Content – What I mean by this is to write content that brings real value to your audience, and give your readers as much value as possible.  I recommend that you write articles no less than 500 words, and 700 to 1000 words is recommended.  If your content is informative and compelling, then you’ll get repeat readers, and those readers will recommend your blog to friends, family, etc…  Besides the longer and more rich your content, the more priority ranking you will get for the keyword you are targeting.  The higher your search engine rankings the more traffic you will receive to your blog.


  1. Use Videos in your posts – Using videos is still one of the most underrated online marketing methods on the internet today.  There are way too many online marketers who are still not utilizing the power of video marketing with youtube, metacafe, dailymotion, and others…  By embedding a video into your post, you keep your reader on your blog longer, as well reach those may be more visual.  Video marketing allows you to be more personal with your blog audience, as well as more visual ads to get your point across. Remember the youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, so you create tons of free traffic if you make good videos. Lastly, always make sure to include your post link in your video description so that it points back to your blog.  This is called a backlink, and trust me you want tons of quality ones.


  1. Repurpose your blog posts – This is a term I learned from SEO Master Jedi Rob Fore.  What this simply means is to take your blog posts, convert into other formats (ex: articles, videos, forums, etc…), and upload to other platforms like slideshare, scribd, youtube, and more…  Check out this article I wrote on “10 free places to promote and syndicate your content for free.” I was able to generate 10,000 free views of traffic by re-purposing my blog posts to


How to Get Quality Traffic to your Blog

The goal is not just to get free traffic, but rather free quality traffic.  In other words, you want your content to attract people who are interested in and searching out your particular niche.  If you are producing crappy content, then there’s a real good chance that you are going to attract crappy leads.

Your content should engage, inform, and educate your audience.  Always lead with value!

The more value you provide, the more leads you will generate.

Discover what your audience’s pain is and offer proven solutions to heal that pain.

If you master the formula above,then you create for yourself an abundance of highly targeted leads for any business opportunity.

 How to Get Traffic to your blog takes time.

I can’t stress this point enough!

Remember that the marketing strategies I’ve provided to you in this blog post will produce results, but you have to be consistent and committed to execute them daily.  The more put these 3 tips into action, the more results you will see.

My recommendation is that you don’t try to master all 3 tips above at once, but find one that really interest you and master it.

If you master one, then you move onto the next one, and so on.

Once you learn how to create, promote, and syndicate your blogging content properly your blog traffic will dramatically increase.

How to get traffic to your blog should become more of a reality now that you have 3 solid techniques in your arsenal.



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