How to generate massive traffic to your website

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how to drive massive traffic to your websiteIn this blog post, I’m going to give you two main ways that most marketers utilize to generate massive traffic.

The reason that any marketer in any niche needs massive targeted traffic, is because without traffic there can be no leads.

Obviously without targeted leads there can be no sales!

Sounds pretty simple right?

Well for most marketers it’s not not as simple as it might sound, and therefore not having the ability to generate daily leads ultimately contributes to their failure.

So the question is “How to generate massive traffic to your website?

or Better yet… “How do you generate massive traffic to your website?”

How to generate massive traffic to your website using 2 main strategies

1.  Paid Traffic – This marketing technique consists of an entree of various offline and online internet marketing strategies.  Strategies like cost per click marketing, pay per click marketing, solo ad advertising, magazine advertising, postcard marketing, ppv marketing, and more are some of the best paid advertising strategies that I’ve personally used to grow my business.

Paid marketing allows one to generate highly targeted leads at a much faster pace, then free marketing.   While paid marketing can be extremely prosperous, it’s important to track all your results to keep the costs down.

You’ll also want to set yourself a monthly budget and stick to it.  With paid marketing there is very little room for error, so make sure to track and budget your ad campaigns.

Let’s look at another way on “how to generate massive traffic to your website

2.  Free Marketing – Free marketing consist of a plethora of various marketing practices.  Including blogging, article marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, blog commenting, forum marketing, craiglist marketing, backpage marketing, and more…

Once again if utilized properly, free marketing techniques can be used to generate a daily supply of targeted fresh leads for your business.

While free marketing can work for any niche, one must remember that it takes time to start seeing results.  Remember that FREE marketing is a long term strategy, and don’t expect to see immediate results.

One key thing to keep in mind is whatever form of marketing you decide to focus on, it’s vital that you are collecting potential clients information.

In other words, your key focus should be on building a list.  Without a list, you’ll never make any serious money online… PERIOD!


how to drive massive traffic to your website


How to generate massive traffic to your website Tips

1.  Use a healthy balance of both Paid and FREE marketing methods.  Invest in paid marketing and start generating leads instantly while you are learning the ins and outs of free marketing.

2.  Invest in an quality autoresponder so that you are building and staying in constant contact with your list.

3.  Become a student of both paid and free marketing strategies.  Don’t be afraid to invest in quality internet marketing training and courses that will allow you to reduce your learning curve.  While there are tons of quality marketing programs online, here are a few that I use and personally recommend.

a.  Magnetic Sponsoring

b. MLMZing

c. Empower Network

How to generate massive traffic to your website requires massive action

So “how to generate massive traffic your website” is not hard question to bring to fruition, but it does take money, time, and skill.  I recommend that you utilize paid marketing platforms in order to bring in leads fast, and take the time to learn the free marketing strategies.

Remember that the a crucial step in being a successful marketer is to just take massive action!

Don’t wait to you have everything figured out, just make it happen.

The good thing about internet marketing and advertising  is that you can outsource both the paid and free marketing strategies if you desire.

There are many places online like that you can find tons of skilled professionals willing to assist you with your marketing campaigns for very affordable rates.

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To your Success,

Rob Sevilla

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