Finding the Best Pre-Paid Wireless Service

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If you’ve stumbled across my page, chances are you are looking for the best pre-paid wireless service available. Congratulations on doing your due diligence and not just opting for the first deal that came your way. You are sure to find the best pre-paid wireless service this way.

Finding the Best Pre-Paid Wireless Service: What are the Advantages?

best prepaid wirelessThere are plenty of advantages to having a pre-paid wireless service. Most of these advantages have to do with freedom. Traditional cell phone plans require you to be locked into a multi-year contract. The only way to rid yourself of such a lengthy commitment is to pay expensive cancellation fees. We all know how much business’s enjoy nickel and diming consumers. Finding the best pre-paid wireless service will prevent you from being charged excessively.

The following are advantages of having a pre-paid wireless service:

  • No long contracts
  •  No usage limitations
  •  No additional charges
  •  Talk whenever you want
  •  Talk to whoever you want
  •  Talk as long as you want
  •  No Monthly Bill

Finding the Best Pre-Paid Wireless Service: What is Solavei?

As you are probably aware at this point of your research, there are quite a few pre-paid cell phone options out there. While each of these companies is unique in their own right, they all provide you with the aforementioned advantages of having a pre-paid wireless service. Finding out exactly what makes each specific company special is a great way to find the best pre-paid wireless service. Solavei is definitely in a league of its own.

While Solavei is in the same market as competing wireless providers, they’re business model is quite different. Solavei combines a marketable product (wireless provider), with the benefits of direct sales and affiliate marketing. In a nut shell, Solavei customers can actually earn money by referring new customers and promoting the service. Because we are all essentially dependent on our phones, this is quite the appealing opportunity.

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The Best Pre-Paid Wireless Service Pays YOU!

Unlike many direct sales or network marketing companies, Solavei is rather simple to understand. A start-up fee of $49 (learn about our FREE promo that ends Decemeber 31st) is assessed to new customers. An additional $49 per month is charged every month.

With this fee, customers will have unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data using T-Mobile’s network. These new customers have the option of using their own unlocked cell phone or choosing one of the three models offered by Solavei.

Solavei customers earn real money by referring new customers. In addition, they are also financially rewarded when the customers they sign up refer new customers. Because of this sales model, not only is it possible to have your cell service paid for, but it’s also possible to earn a legitimate income!

This sort of business model allows anyone the opportunity to build they’re own stream of income. Before joining a direct sales company, many people wonder if it is a scheme or scam. Solavei is a completely legitimate company that meets all government regulations.

The days of paying outrageous cell phone fees are over. Solavei and it’s money-making opportunity definitely make for the best pre-paid wireless service.

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