Empower Network Scam: Beware of David Wood & David Sharpe

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empower network scamIs Empower Network a Scam?

Chances are if you are reading this blog post, you are wanting to know if empower network is a scam.  The answer is absolutely and positively no! Empower network like any business opportunity  online takes hard work, and patience to build the program.  Too many fall for the hype, and think just because they join and place a few ads that the money will start pouring in.  The reality is that with any business you must consistently be driving quality traffic to website or blog.  Where the empower network is different, is that actually give their affiliates the access to the necessary training that is needed to succeed online.  So is empower network a scam? Keep reading and make the decision for yourself!

Empower Network Scam – 3 Reasons why it’s not?

1. The trainingEmpower Network provides top notch internet marketing training from the leading experts in the affiliate marketing and network marketing industries.  David Wood and David Sharpe have joined forces with SEO experts, Sales Funnel experts, Ad Copy experts, Offline marketing experts, Solo Ad experts, and more to provide the best marketing training platform on the planet.  Names like Chris Campbell, Rob Fore, Jon Mroz, Lawrence Tam, Toby and Layla Black, are just to name a few.  If  you are struggling in your current MLM or affiliate marketing business, then  you definitely need to get involved with empower network. If empower network is a scam, I don’t think all these industry leaders would put their reputations on the line.

2.  The affordabilityThe basic viral blogging system allows the newbie to get their feet wet in the online marketing arena.  It’s no secret that blogging is the #1 way to generate highly targeted leads on a daily basis with little or no budget at all.  For only $25, empower network gives you access to their blogging platform that will get  you on the road to generating daily leads.

3.  The LeadershipDavid Wood and David Sharpe are two of the greatest leaders that I’ve personally have ever seen.  I’ve been involved in many affiliate marketing opportunities as well as MLM opportunities and have never seen two leaders who are so committed to the success of their affiliate program.  With such committed leaders, it’s not wonder that empowernetwork.com is one of the most trafficked websites on the planet.  They are breaking sales records each and every month, and their leaders are committed to breaking even more.

The truth about the Empower Network Scam

Here’s the deal! If you search the internet enough, you’ll find forums and chat rooms where various people pretty much call all business opportunities a scam.  Unfortunately many individuals get involved in a business opportunity only to be let down by their mentor. However since that so called “mentor” represents that particular business opportunity, those who have been left high and dry or don’t have success take it out on the company.  Most of the time it’s by posting online somewhere that it’s scam.  The same can be said about empower network.

Many people have joined and quit within 60 days or less, and then take out their frustration on the company.  The reality is that most people don’t succeed online because they are lazy, or simply give up before giving the business ample time.  They simply want to make all this money from home, but don’t want to pay the price to make it.  Making money online takes time,  persistence, and patience.  It’s a science, and it takes time to perfect that science. 

If  you are not committed to being in the business for at least 6 months, then don’t join.  If you are not committed to putting money into your empower network business every month, then don’t join. If you aren’t committed to investing in yourself through training audios, books, etc… then don’t get involved in online affiliate marketing. However, if you are ready to make a commitment, and your “why” is big enough, then you will find the empower network is not a scam.

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  1. Jim McGilvary
    3 years ago

    Hey Rob, nice post on the Empower Network. Keep up the good work my friend


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